Free IT skills sessions every other Thursday (31 January; 14; 28 February) from 7-9pm in the Old School Community Centre. Come and get your computer and phone problems sorted out and questions answered.  Bring your questions and devices; explore, play, discover and build your confidence – all with the support and help of a group of experts (these are not formal, structured lessons). For all levels – beginners to experienced users. Come to one session or many. Free, but donations welcome. For further information see

 Free IT Skills Sessions - Could you be a helper? These sessions have proved to be quite popular and have helped many in our local community as well as raising money for our local charities. Our number of helpers is quite small and we really need a few more to keep these sessions viable. Do you think you could help? You don't need to be available for every session as we organise numbers around helpers available. You don't need to be an absolute expert, if you are competent with using a smart phone or laptop you will probably find that's enough. We use Google to help us solve problems and we are a real hive mind supporting and learning from each other to help our attendees. We would really value some more people with knowledge of Apple products, most of our helpers are more Android and Windows based at the moment. You can find out more at So, if you are a competent user of IT (not expert) and could spare the odd Thursday evening please get in contact with Massimo by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him on 01364 649290 or 07795 257849.