·            : Local Elections for District and Parish Councils (not Devon County Council). NB. To vote at polling stations in these elections, you will need to show photo ID (e.g. Passport; photographic driving licence; biometric immigration document; Proof of Age ID card; Blue Badge; Bus pass, etc.; or ‘Voter Authority Certificate’) (from October 2023 this will also apply to General Elections) - for more info see: www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/voter/voter-id. For more info see the South Hams District Council website election page.

For the South Brent Parish Council election, South Brent is divided into two wards:

In the Village Ward, 10 candidates are competing for the 9 seats (you can vote for up to 9 candidates). You can see the details of the candidates at: www.southhams.gov.uk/article/9937/Statement-of-Persons-Nominated-South-Brent-Village-Parish-Council.

In the smaller, Brentmoor Ward, there have been 3 nominations for the 3 seats. You can see the details of the candidates at: www.southhams.gov.uk/article/9938/Statement-of-Persons-Nominated-South-Brent-Brentmoor-Parish-Council. This ward is therefore uncontested, so there will be no vote and the election result has already been declared – see www.southhams.gov.uk/article/9812/Notice-of-Uncontested-Election-South-Hams.

RESULT: Our new South Brent Parish Council comprises: Guy Pannell; Cathie Pannell; Glyn Richards; Sue Astal-Stain; Katherine Johnston; Richard Fone; Paul Astal-Stain; David Butcher; Stephen Hanney (Village Ward); Katy Armstrong; Alastair Childs; David Hancock (Brentmoor Ward).

For the South Hams District Council election, South Brent Ward has seats for 2 district councillors for which there have been 5 nominations (you can vote for up to 2 candidates). You can see the details of the candidates at: www.southhams.gov.uk/south-brent/persons-nominated.

RESULT: Guy Pannell and David Hancock have been elected as our South Hams District Councillors. South Hams District Council has now changed from Conservative to an overall Liberal Democrat majority.

The Outreach Post Office provided by Strete Post Office is now permanently hosted in South Brent Old School Community Centre.

Post Office opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning ONLY.

  • Monday : 9:00 to 12:00

  • Wednesday: 9:00 to 12:00

  • Friday: 9:00 to 12:00


The Lloyds Bank Mobile Banking facility have now resumed

Visiting every two weeks on a Monday from 9.45 am to 11.15 am commencing on 28th September 2020.

 The service is provided in conjunction with the management of the Old School Centre.