Little P.U.M.A.’s – Bite Sized Martial Arts for 4-7 year olds

Classes run in South Brent Village Hall on Wednesdays at 4.45 – 5.30pm.

The Little P.U.M.A.’s programme is specifically designed for teaching 4-7 year olds, using Martial Arts as a training platform. It has been designed to stimulate and engage the children, helping them to learn whilst having FUN!

Little P.U.M.A.’s is fun for your little ones as well as educational. Our class numbers, unlike others, are limited to ensure quality learning and instruction.

In addition to teaching basic Martial Arts skills we focus on different learning themes, including: Balance, Coordination, Concentration & Focus, Discipline, Coordination, Dealing with Strangers, Team work, Emergency Skills, and Discipline

There are 9 different coloured belts to collect, which will be given out on grading days, starting from white belt and culminating in the Little P.U.M.A. Black Belt. These awards will help to keep your child motivated, and help to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

As well as the above themes, your child will also be learning about courtesy, integrity, perseverance, indomitable spirit, self-control and much more. They will be training their mind, as well as their body, encouraging them to grow into active and healthy youngsters. Once children become seven they then are promoted up to our junior Taekwon-Do classes, where they will then start more specific training towards a Black Belt in Taekwon-Do.

This Little P.U.M.A.’s session is full of value, and is a must for children in today’s society. Give them the best start in life and enrol now.

Pease contact Tamzin Goodwin to arrange your free trial sessions:

Mob: 07970 520078

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P.U.M.A. Hotline: 0845 6001967